We design and book your trip to a
place you didn't even know you
wanted to go.  
And now the secret part, you only discover your destination on the
day you leave home!



Each secret trip we design is tailor-made to you. We select a destination and create an itinerary that fits around the experiences you want to have while away. From flights to accommodation to activities and tours, we take care of it all.


We work with exquisitely beautiful boutique and luxury hotels to ensure your stay is unique, comfortable and affordable. We have slept in most of the hotels we send you to, so we really do know the experience you will be getting. 


First thing we do is ask questions, then we listen. The only way we can pick the perfect destination for your secret trip is to know you, and your likes and dislikes. Our job is to send you to a place you didn't even know you wanted to go.


From the outset we talk about your budget, and what we will be spending your money on. For most trips that includes flights, accommodation, transfers, activities and tours. All the things that make for a great trip, while leaving room for spontaneity.

Secret Honeymoons Airport Reveal
As soon as I learnt of Secret Honeymoons I knew it was something I just had to try, and now I absolutely cannot wait to take my husband on a secret trip for our anniversary. The trip design was flawless and the destination choice perfect! My trip designer eased any worry I had about not being involved in the planning, provided a detailed itinerary, and amazing restaurant suggestions. Don’t let anything hold you back from this one of a kind experience with a premier trip planner!
— Katherine, Secret Bestie Trip to Charleston, August 2016
Discovering we were Asia-bound for our Secret Honeymoon was definitely one of the most memorable parts of our trip. The mix of culture, food, adventure and beach was exactly what we needed! We loved that our money was spent on the things we had prioritised so it stretched to doing more activities than we ever thought imaginable. Finishing on a high at a luxury beach hotel was beyond perfect. Thank you Secret Honeymoons! Baby-moon next?!
— Adam and Chloe, Secret Honeymoon to Vietnam, March 2016
We never thought this level of excitement was possible as an adult. The anticipation in the build-up to our destination reveal was unimaginable. We were shocked and thrilled when we opened the envelope, then we had to sit down and really learn about where we were going. Secret Honeymoons laid it all out incredibly and the trip map was a level of service that was above and beyond. They genuinely care about your trip and they really put a lot of love and care into your itinerary. We highly recommend!
— Sophie and Jess, Secret Mini-Moon to Copenhagen, September 2016
Last day in Iceland and what a way to end it at the Blue Lagoon! We’ve used the word epic many times during our time away as we’ve decided it is the best word to sum up our secret trip. Thank you Secret Honeymoons, you nailed it! We will definitely be booking with you again.
— April and Shamus, Secret Trip For Two to Iceland, November 2016